Friday, September 22, 2006

These Really Are Addictive...

Here's a third pair for my mum...
I found that the heathered Cascade 220 was a bit thinner than the solid colors, and therefore I was able to get very close to gauge. I did end up using less rows for the fingers though. She plans to wear them at work so she didn't want embroidery. She told me that her boss likes to keep the window open during the winter for "fresh air!"

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Finished Purr/Hiss Set

These are a secret surprise present for a close friend. They are a variation on the Kittyville hat and the Knucks, made as a matching set in Jaeger Extra Fine Merino in a charcoal colour, with embroidery in a pale purple Jaeger Alpaca 4ply. My daughter is modelling them for me, she really likes them. They are both super soft and warm - the hat is two held together of 4ply and dk and the Knucks are just the dk. The Purr/Hiss is obviously the cat version of Love/Hate.The tassles are much nicer than the original pom-poms, I think. I'm really really pleased with how these turned out :D

And here's the finished second set in green, also modelled by my super gorgeous daughter. :D

Can I have two asterisks pretty please?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

King me, even though...

Boy, are my photos lousy. (Had to take them inside, so please excuse the variety of objects in the background!)

So-- these are a holiday present for a DJ friend who hosts shows on the local alternative station. Hence the slogan "BRIT *POP." (You can visit his weekly calendar blog if you promise not to tell!)

blue Britpop knucks with racing stripes

I opted for Cascade 220 because I felt like knitting something really chunky. It does make the Knuck look uneven, but I figure it'll felt with wear. Other modifications: I didn't like the way my usual cast-on looked at the finger ends, so I whipstitched them afterwards. And my favorite part... to chime with UK fashion...

blue Britpop knucks with racing stripes

Racing stripes!

blue Britpop knucks with racing stripes

Which took forEVer. Little money but lots of time and love went into these, let me tell you. Here's a blurry cellphone action shot of the Knucks in their natural habitat-- i.e., against a rock band T-shirt and a hoodie:

knucks cell phone

I'm psyched.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

They are finally done and

I got to wear my multi's this morning and my husband got to wear his black ones with rock/roll on them!

I am not on the side bar yet, but when I get on there, please asterik (or however that is spelled!) me. I am so proud of my knucks -- and I have a bunch more pairs on the horizon, as soon as I am done with my bet on Saturday (see my blog for details). I really love my multis and may have to make more striped pairs - I got stopped four times this morning about them!
Thanks and have a great week!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Asterisk me

It took almost six weeks but among the unpacking, babywrangling and general Life Stuff I pushed toward finishing my Knucks. Unfortunately none of my photos are turning out clearly enough. It's overcast here today & I want to use natural light. I'll add a photo to this post when I get one.

They're not embroidered b/c I like them as-is. The coat I'll be wearing them with is a little busy. It's a rust-orange tweed with a plum-faux-fur collar (it must be seen) and the Knucks are bilberry (like the HARM NONE on the pattern page). Once I finish the two other KALs I'm doing (Fetching and Dishcloth) I am definitely making another pair of Knucks (in an orangey-rust) for embroidering (maybe w/ the bilberry yarn even).

I did have the same problem w/ the BO on the second Knuck as with the first: it's tight. As Pamela said, it'll lossen w/ wear. I got frustrated w/ the second being even tighter than the first and I tried to stretch it and I snapped my yarn! Luckily it was easy to fix and it doesn't show. I love the lace cuff though and I might try the sewn bind off, as she suggested, with the orange pair.

This is going to be a favorite pattern for many years to come :)

ETA: Photos

Knucks finished

Knuck with red-red hair

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Second Set Done!

I wove in the strands while we watched a movie last night! I still have the embroidery to do, so a picture will come after that. I used Nature Spun from Browns Sheep...and it was a size 5 instead of a size 4, but as they fit with a little ease, I am safe (or safer) in case they adjust their size when they are washed.

This is FUN!

I have embroidered upon the is subtle, yet leads the reader to their own conclusions. The right hand has KISS while the left hand has **** neither of us had to decide exactly what they should say!


Two sets in progress..

Both are in Jaeger Extra Fine Merino on 3.5mm circulars (two sets).

The top set are in charcoal. I just need to do the weaving in and the embroidery.

They went so quickly and easily I've already started knitting up a second set in green. I've almost finished the first knuck and will hopefully cast on for the second later today :D

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kids love Knucks!

okay, I am working on a second pair of the Knucks for my son, Elliott. He is 4 and he is a rock star. His favorite color is red, and he plans on donning the Knucks when he rides his bike (it has training wheels, which aren't tough, but don't tell him that!) and when he rocks the mini drum set in the basement. Now Mom just needs to get 'er done!
Kid Knucks are tough!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Told Ya I'd Do It!

Ok, so I did the embroidery... I was very tempted to put "I (heart) my geek," but in the end I decided it would be more fun to have some knitting bling...

I had to rip some of it out a few times, but I think it looks ok now... I was going to try and make the thread coming from the word "yarn" look like it was coming from a ball of unraveling yarn, but that didn't really work out so here's what I ended up with. I like it, it's cute, and it's all chain stitch which wasn't too hard to play around with.

Well, that's two pairs complete for me... Does that mean I can have a couple of stars next to my name now? Pretty please?

A little hand-holding? (ha ha)

Hi all-- I'm partway through my first Knuck, and I wanted to know:

1- If I played fast and loose and knit the fingers slightly different lengths, do you think I can hide that with whipstitching or something?

2- Is the palm supposed to look really hugely long? I'm making a man's pair, so I can't compare it to my own palm. I knit an extra quarter-inch down to the thumb, figuring it would be no big deal, but now with the thumb gusset almost done boy does the palm look big. It measures 6" from the finger join to approx. 1/2" from the wrist.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

2nd Pair!

Here are the Knucks finished for my sister - she did not want the embroidery so they are complete. I used Tatamy Tweed in Evergreen by Kraemer Yarns which is a cotton/acrylic blend that my sister picked out herself!

This time around I found a much easier and more efficient way to close up the holes - I don't know what I did on my own pair but I do remember there was no particular method and I ended up still having a few small not-too-noticable holes afterward. The following is more like closing the top of a hat, leaves no holes to speak of, and is probably what I was supposed to do in the first place!
First I found the closest 4 stitches to the center - since it looks like the yarn tail comes out of the middle of one of these stitches, I first thread it through the next stitch on the same finger... (in this pic I'm doing it on the thumb. Please excuse the leg shots in the next few photos - I promise I'm wearing shorts and the 8 month pregnant belly is trying its very best to hide them.)

Then, I would thread the needle through the opposite two stitches.... Finally, I would thread it through the stitch that the yarn tail came out of before pulling the whole thing closed... Easy, huh? Then I'd just poke the yarn through to the other side and waited until I had all the holes closed before turning the Knuck inside out to weave in the ends. Has everyone already been doing it this way, or was this helpful to someone?

I promise I'm going to start the embroidery on my own pair now - no really... I need to do it before the baby comes! I think I'll be taking my Knucks with me to meet the Yarn Harlot tonight in Seattle. :)

Saturday, September 02, 2006

my week in knucks

monday - made the multi's while traveling - don't they look nice with the hotel ice bucket?

tuesday - back to the airport - began the black knucks - slept on the plane - didn't get too far . . .

wednesday - home again, home again!! Finished the first black knuck on the short plane ride

thursday - started the second black knuck at the store -- shown on the dressing room floor (bad employee!)

friday - knitting the second black knuck in my favorite new sweatshirt. This skull hoodie thing ROCKS! And the knuck is turning out rather well.

Have a great holiday weekend!!

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