Monday, November 20, 2006

new embroidery + new knucks!

So this first pair, it a little bit of a cheater entry. I finished them in August with the embroidery on the fingers, but my husband really wanted the skulls embroidered on the hands like mine. So on our way to Virginia last week, I broke down and spent the two + hours embroidering them. I was not sure if he would wear the knucks when I made them, but I can proudly say that they have become a cold day staple in his wardrobe!

And when we were in Seattle, my dad was so jealous of his knucks and mine that the plain black pair is for my dad for Christmas! Trying to get all those presents knocked out before the holiday season kills me with work -- its a retail thing!
Have a great week!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

what's this about the joining row??

I have been hearing people stress about the joining row, and working it on three needles. There is no reason to work the joining row on three needles. I work it on five or even six if I have an extra laying around. I worried that somewhere in the editing, the pattern had changed to require a knit-on-three-needles row, but that is really not the case. I think either a) some people are misinterpreting the instructions or b) I am misinterpreting the stress.

So I made a thread here to discuss it:

knucks joining row: don't do it on three needles.

I feel bad that poor Tonya has disappeared from our KAL and the stars are not being kept up, etc. I'm not officially a moderator of this blog, so there is nothing I can do. If you want to have more real-time chat about this pattern, go ahead and come over to my forum. Bring your photos!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

2nd Pair Of Knucks

I finished my 2nd pair of knucks almost a week ago. I actually used the yarn that the pattern called for. My previous pair were done in wool ease. I have to admit that the Rowan Wool Cotton is so much softer. These knucks are going to my best friend.

I just wanted to share the finished knucks. Blogger has been such a pain and not uploading my photos. Sorry for the delay in sharing...

Have a great week!