Saturday, August 12, 2006

Knaked Knucks

Knaked Knuck before seaming @ Flickr I still have to do the finishing, and the embroidery, and its mate ... but here's my first Knuck, knitting stage completed! This is going to be my WORD GEEK pair.

The Beloved has requested a pair of his own -- I'm ordering some Felted Tweed in Cocoa for him, and Pine for a second pair of my own. (Although I'd also contemplated getting Carbon for him. Maybe I still will. I'm checking to see if my LYS owner can order it for me, and if she can't, I'll buy it online.) The current pair, meanwhile, is in something labeled Inca Fiber Concept that I'm told is alpaca, double-stranded. It's ever so gently fuzzy.

Now, I just need to figure out what color would be good for the embroidery. I believe I've had troubles with this sort of electric blue before ... nothing seems to match nicely with it. I'll probably take it to a craft/embroidery supply store and just hold threads against it until I come up with something good. (Of course, there's always white or gray, but I think I'd like to try for something other than the default.)

I do wish I'd made the fingers a bit shorter; it seemed like the right length until I finally got the glove assembled. (And as evidenced by the last sentence, I can type in 'em! Which is good, because I plan to use them for work, when the a/c gets too cold.) And the textured cuff? Pain. In. The. Rear, with all the transferring of stitches from one needle to another on row #3. (Maybe it's easier on DPNs -- I was using two circs.) But well worth it. I'll probably use it for the other pair(s). I also goofed on the crab stitch edging -- I stitched the wrong way 'round and got another row of single crochet -- but I still like it. And I lost two stitches along the way while doing the border -- my guess is that I either forgot to yo or the yo slipped off the needle without my noticing. Live and learn ...

But I'm overall quite happy. :-)


Blogger Pamelamama said...

Pretty color! What size did you do?

7:19 PM  
Blogger Katie - The Knitting Mama said...

I love that electric blue! For embroidery, I would use a bright green or orange... :)

9:06 PM  

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