Friday, July 21, 2006

Have you listened to Brenda Dayne's podcast this week?

I hope you all listen to Cast-On.

Who wants to make some YARN SLUT Knucks for Brenda Dayne?


Blogger Laura said...

I LOVE Brenda! I haven't listened to this weeks show yet - I'm a couple weeks behind! But we should make her a pair she would LOVE them!

1:00 AM  
Blogger Knitted_Painting said...

I've listened to it and I thought it was great I especially loved the music and the talking about the iron-age britain...specially cause I live there^_^ oh p.s. why do they always manage to find somebody from the uk that talks like the queen? lol!
it was also the first podcast ever that I listened too...*ahem* yes my first ok now leave me alone!

7:27 AM  

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