Thursday, August 24, 2006

Second Pair Complete!

Shall I go for a third?? I might have to! :)

I completed my second pair of Knucks two days ago. My mom saw my original pair of Knucks and LOVED them and wanted her own pair. She had wanted a pair of fingerless gloves (or half-finger gloves) for quilting, but could never find a pair that had the thumb uncovered. So when she saw the Knucks, she fell in love with them just as we all did!

I knit her pair using Patons Decor in the Secret Garden colourway. This ball was in my stash for awhile and I've long since lost the ball band. :) I knitted them in the child's measurements and using 4mm needles, and they gave her the perfect fit. The cuffs are still a little tight to put on (because I can't, for the life of me, cast off loosely!), but they still fit her perfectly! Of course, in my excitement to give them to her, I forgot to take a picture beforehand. *sigh* I'll have to ask for them back for a little while just for that purpose.

So, do I get my asterisks beside my name finally? :D Two down, who knows how many more to go! Happy Knuck Knitting, all!

P.S. I didn't do any embroidery on my mom's pair. I was thinking of putting "QUIL TER!" on them, and still might if she wants that, but she's not really a knuckle tattoo sort of woman. ;)


Blogger sunneshine said...

I have a hard time casting off loosely - but I tried the sewn cast-off recommended in the pattern and it was perfect, plus it was just as easy as the regular cast off - it is slated to finish off my next pair of knucks!

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